Our Philosophy

Bare Nuhcessities Our Philosophy

EWG Green

EWG Green

Our main focus - EWG Green started because we couldn't find anything in the market that is safe for long term usage. When we discovered EWG, we realised that although a product can be rated green, individual ingredients could be rated orange or red. When we clicked to read more about these nasty ingredients, more often that not, we learnt about long term usage side effects. We shower often, especially in a humid climate - which means these chemicals could build up in my babies. This is where we decided to do the impossible by insisting that all ingredients in our products be EWG Green.


Balanced Microbiome

Balanced Microbiome

During birth, our baby's skin is well protected by vernix caseosa, a highly moisturising thick, white, cheese like layer that helps to protects baby's delicate skin - keeping infection at bay and also maintaining your baby's skin microbiome. A healthy skin microbiome is vital not just for today, but for long term recovery. The last thing we want is to have superficial recovery today and outbreak tomorrow.

Only Necessities

Most of us have grown up with the mindset that "adding this and that" adds value to a product. However, anything that is applied on our baby would need to be brokendown by their new/ underdeveloped organs. Do we really want to burden them with that? This is why we insist that only the necessities are added into our products.

Natural Ingredients

We searched the world, combining natural ingredients from the east and west to produce THE product to keep your skin clean, nourished and worry-free.

We believe that harsh chemicals are not required, we say no to parabens, synthetic fragrance/parfum, preservatives, SLS/Sulfates, PEGs, mineral oils and the like!

The presence of every ingredient in our products has been carefully thought about, no unnecessary ingredients have been added.

Preservatives Free

To avoid using unnecessary harsh chemicals, we have chosen not to put preservatives in our products. We believe steps can be taken to ensure longevity without harshness. This includes:

  • Packaging size that corresponds with our product's lifespan
  • Packaging that minimises exposure to bacteria and air
  • Usage of reverse osmosis water
  • Natural essential oils to help preserve our products and give a refreshing scent