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Our Story

Our Story - Bare Nuhcessities

Grace is at the pharmacy aisle. Grace needs to buy baby care products for her kids. She turns the bottle over and studies the ingredient list. Some questions come to mind – “Are these safe for my kids?”, “Will there be any side effects from long-term use?”.

Meet Grace, mum to three kids, who is most probably voicing the same questions on your mind. With all three kids being prone to eczema and coming from a family with a history of cancer on both the paternal and maternal sides, it’s no wonder Grace is extra cautious about the products she uses on her kids, especially leave on products.

Soon, she discovers EWG.org, an independent organisation committed to protecting human health and the environment, and their website/app where she can check the safety of the baby care product and its ingredients (safety is indicated using hazard ratings of low, moderate and high). But her joy is short-lived as she returns to find that none of the baby care products available in the Malaysian market are as safe as she thinks.

Grace and Maybelle Bare Nuhcessities co-founders

After two more years of accepting and using ‘moderate hazard’ rated products, she meets Maybelle and drawing inspiration from their simple lifestyle whilst in the Netherlands, they both decide to start Bare Nuhcessities to fill the gap in the Malaysian market.

Their aim, from the very first day, is to bring you the safest products you can get, by using only the basic necessities, i.e. no added preservatives or chemicals that may trigger skin allergies, especially in new-borns. They do not compromise on quality and insists that every single ingredient in the Bare Nuhcessities range must be rated ‘low hazard’ or ‘green’ by EWG.

A lot of love and thought has gone into the creation of these safe products for you, including the way the products are packaged and the label design. Their end goal is to create products that they would be comfortable using on their kids, so you would have no qualms about using them on yours.

With their launch in 2017, this unstoppable duo has introduced the Microbiome+Makr™ technology – intended to balance the skin flora, which will in turn protect our skin and keep the skin barrier functioning.

This serendipitous union has indeed brought about excellent results, especially to those battling eczema and sensitive skin, and put happy smiles on the faces of both parents and kids, alike!

Grace & Maybelle