Thank You

Thank You

Those who know us personally would know the importance we place on supporting the stay-at-home-parent (SAHP). We strongly believe that SAHP work not only professionaly, infact, they strive harder because of the given opportunity to work at home with a certain level of financial freedom.

Although in the end, our team wasn't entirely SAHP, one of the concerns employers have about their employees working from home is whether without supervision or physically managing employees, they would lose motivation hence affecting deliverables. This team has proven otherwise. We hope that this would also serve as a good example for other employers to consider opening out more opportunities like this.

Here, we would like to thank our team members who have helped us in building Bare Nuhcessities. Without them, we would not succeed. Do click onto their contact link or details if you would like to hire them. We strongly vouch for them!

Charlene Chen

Charlene Chen, Designer

Charlene, thank you for always listening to our random ideas and always pulling us back into focus. We learnt so many new things with you. Bare Nuhcessities would not be the same without your awesome design labels and branding suggestions.

Sah Henn-Wei

Sah Henn-Wei, Photographer / Designer/ Videographer

Sah, when you read this you will feel so awkward but definitely you deserve the "Best Dad & Husband" award. A very hands on and supportive dad and husband plus at the same time very talented in what you do. Before this, Sah only does photography and designing job, but with encouragement he took up the challenge and help us do all Bare Nuhcessities video! One would thought that he is very very experience videographer, but it was because his strong will and passionate character that makes him able to do such great job. Thank you, Sah.

Shu Fong

Shu Fong, Website Designer

Shu has made the impossible for us, possible. What we have gave up previously thinking that it is not possible, Shu proactively ask us if we want to do it even though she knows this would add on extra work for her. Her selfless and proactive character would definitely be a gem to any organisation.

Joyce Rachel Lee Bates

Joyce Rachel Lee-Bates, Marketing

Joyce, you're a great example of SAHM with octopus hands! You manage everything so well, even during the period when you injured your knee. It would have been expected that there would be delays in your work, which we would be totally OK with, but not only was there no delay, things were completed earlier than expected! Definitely love your responsible and proactive character. We don't think this page is sufficient to note all the things you've done.

Sharanjit Dhaliwal

Sharanjit Dhaliwal, Advisor

Sharan, thank you for always helping us think outside the box and for being so organised and systematic. Knowing that we can WhatsApp you anytime to borrow some thoughts is always comforting.


Apryl, Digital Marketing Advisor

As soon as you heard about Bare Nuhcessities, you went ahead and came up with so many ideas on how to help make us a digital marketing success. Our excitement during our first discussion, is definitely one we will always remember, we love your passion!

Michelle Loke

Michelle Loke, Personal Assistant

Michelle, though this was a short stint, however, we would want you to know that period has been a helpful period for us. You might think that you were only doing small things here and there, but without you, we would be drowning with an even bigger pile of work. Thanks for always being proactive and going the extra mile for us.