We promise that ‘safe for your child’ is more than just a marketing gimmick.

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For a Healthy Skin Microbiome

Since 1993, the Environmental Working Group has been tracking chemical safety and has called out bad chemicals and the companies that use them. They are the go-to resource for parents and consumers who want to choose better products for their health and their homes.

From the very start, we created all our products scoring a safe on their stringent guidelines, so you can use them freely, with a peace of mind for the health of your loved ones.


Newborn Microbiome+Makr™

Gift Boxes

Looking for a gift set to welcome the arrival of a new baby? Bare Nuhcessities gift boxes are the perfect way to send your good thoughts and wishes. Each gift box comes with a customized gift message card, bundled up with love and joy.

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Bare Nuhcessities products are clean; free from unnecessary chemicals (SLS, parabens, PEGs), fragrance and preservatives. They even gave a lot of thought into the packaging of each item.

Michelle Y

We often worry about if our kid's problems are due to chemicals in the lotions, wipes and body wash they use but every product's ingredients and safety details are explained thoroughly on their website. The products are awesome quality, don't leave uncomfortable residue and with no unpleasant or overly fragrant smell.

Jasmine W

My girl has rough bumpy skin from eczema flare ups which is itchy and dry. After applying the lotion and balm I can see it getting better day by day. Softer, less itch and not as dry.

Loving it!

H Jean

Only Necessities

Most of us have grown up with the mindset that "adding this and that" adds value to a product. However, anything that is applied on our baby would need to be broken down by their new / underdeveloped organs. Do we really want to burden them with that?